Oct 21, 2016
When we asked people around the Region what the Region meant to them, they said they experienced it as “borderless” and that they saw themselves as “diverse, smart, forward thinking, and resilient”. What was summed up as “rigorously optimistic”.
We used this research to create the context for the importance of the Board’s mandate of growth planning, and in particular, the Edmonton Metropolitan  Region Growth Plan. The booklets are an easy way to tell that story.

  • The colourful map is meant to capture that spirit of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region – all our communities contributing to a greater whole – but distinctly unique in themselves.
  • The booklet covers represent that uniqueness – each municipality is different, a part of the whole picture. When the booklets are put together, like a puzzle, they create that picture of the Region.
  • Inside the front of each booklet is a full map, noting where that municipality fits in the big picture.
  • The booklet contents then tell the story of the Region and of the new Growth Plan,  in a very straightforward way.
See example of booklet covers here and content here 

We can supply the booklets and map electronically if requested.

Contact:  Loreen Lennon, Media Liaison                        
Phone: (780) 868-5011
or llennon@capitalregionboard.ab.ca