Oct 20, 2016
The Process
  • The CRB is mandated to produce regional Growth Plan, to be updated every five years. This plan is  the update of the CRB’s original 2010 Growth Plan, Growing Forward.
  • This update work began in November 2013, with formation of the Growth Plan Update Task Force.
  • Task Force included seven CRB members, supported by a core project team consisting of a CRB Project Manager, a regional technical advisory committee, and two professional consulting teams.
  • Task Force began its work in April 2014. In fiscal year 2015/16 alone the Task Force met for full day meetings nine times, and the core project team clocked 14 day-long meetings. That pace is representative of the entire project, although it further ramped up over the last six months. 
  • The Board’s decision was slated for October 13, 2016.
  • Delivery of the updated Growth Plan to the Government of Alberta was set for October 31, 2016.
The Region
  • In order to showcase the Region internationally, the Board approved the official use of “Edmonton Metropolitan Region” in its 50 year regional vision, to refer to the region consisting of the 24 members of the Capital Region Board.
  • Research was undertaken to assess the sense of what Edmonton Metropolitan Region meant to its citizens, and a regional narrative was developed.
  • In short, it was found that citizens have an affinity for the region as “rigorously optimistic”, identifying it as “smart, diverse, forward-thinking and resilient”.
  • This has resulted in a positioning statement and a regional visual identity, as well as the addition of Edmonton Metropolitan Region to the Capital Region Board logo and all CRB materials.
  • Positioning statement: The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is a collection of diverse communities, cooperating to bolster each other’s strengths, enhance connections and represent that strength to the world. Together, our communities form a complete and sustainably growing region, with something to suit every ambition.
What’s New about this Plan
  • Eleven documents combined into single, comprehensive plan.
  • Integrated policies as well as two new policy areas for Agriculture and Economic Competitiveness & Employment.
  • Three tiers for policy application: the metropolitan core, the metropolitan area and the rural area.
  • A distinct Implementation Plan with measureable outcomes that can be monitored for effectiveness over time, and will inform next update.
  • Projected land and cost savings of $5 billion over 30 years; preservation of 160 km2 land - equivalent to 250 quarter sections or the areas now taken by St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park and Bruderheim, combined.
What’s Next
  • The Plan was delivered to the Government of Alberta October 19, 2016 for its review and approval.
  • The current plan remains in effect until that provincial approval is granted.    


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