Oct 19, 2016

(EDMONTON October 19, 2016) Today, as per its regulation, the Capital Region Board (CRB) formally delivered the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan to the Government of Alberta for provincial review and approval.

The plan was ceremonially handed off to Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee by Board Chair Nolan Crouse in the Legislature Rotunda.

“All the members of the Capital Region Board have worked very hard and shown tremendous dedication and commitment to developing the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan,” said Minister Larivee. 

“This is a significant achievement. We know collaborative approaches are necessary to help municipalities manage growth, use land, become better environmental stewards and compete in the global economy. I look forward to continuing this work with the CRB to create a more prosperous, modern, efficient and sustainable future for the Region and Alberta.” 
“This is a huge win for everyone in the Region,” said Board Chair Nolan Crouse, noting it is the result of a 30-month journey that included a substantial investment in solid research and broad consultation.
Entitled Re-Imagine. Plan. Build., the plan was approved by the CRB October 13, 2016 and represents the foundation for responsible regional growth over the next 30 years in the Edmonton Metro Region.
It is a substantial update of the 2010 Growth Plan, which Crouse says will remain in effect until provincial approval of the new plan is granted. There is no specific timeline for that approval.
“I am proud we’ve identified ourselves as the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and that we’ve created our own made-in-the-region plan.  This new plan is guided by a clear set of principles and a regional vison that recognizes our unique urban and rural contexts, leveraging our diversity and complementary strengths. Additionally the new plan will now save $5 billion more in land and infrastructure costs over the 30 years and preserve an extra 250 quarter sections of land more than the 2010 Plan.”
Building on the current plan, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan now includes:
  • Integrated policies, and two new policy areas for Agriculture and Economic Competitiveness & Employment
  • Three tiers for policy application: the metropolitan core, the metropolitan area and the rural area
  • A distinct Implementation Plan with measureable outcomes that can be monitored for effectiveness over time
The CRB represents the 24 municipalities of Edmonton Metropolitan Region, leading regional action toward global opportunity with a focus on growth, transportation, housing and regional services


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