Sep 22, 2016
The Capital Region High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)/Transit Priority Study was commissioned by the committee as part of the Board’s growth planning responsibilities outlined in its Intermunicipal Transit Network Plan (ITNP). The ITNP highlights a number of potential transit-friendly options including e.g. bus lanes, HOV lanes, and bus-onshoulder operations.

The Transit Committee recommended the Capital Region Board endorse the study and support Edmonton and Leduc in working with the Province to develop a QEII pilot project, as suggested in the study.

The pilot would be along Highway 2 (QE2 Highway) from 65 Ave in Leduc to Century Park LRT Station via 23 Avenue. Piloting of this project corridor would mean further study and research, and collaboration with the provincial government as owners of the highway.

In addition, the Committee also voted to work with Edmonton and Strathcona County to provide a more detailed analysis for a possible HOV/Transit Priority Measures (HOV/TPM) pilot project along Baseline Road.

Key objectives of the HOV/TPM Study were:
  • Define HOV and Transit Priority Measures (TPM) as they apply to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region
  • Create a menu of HOV and transit priority strategies and types
  • Evaluate HOV/TPMs in the region and prepare recommendations and conclusions as to their feasibility

“The Board’s job is planning with a 30 year timeframe,” said Board Chair Nolan Crouse following the meeting. “Nothing will happen quickly, nor without extensive research and collaboration. Today’s information is an important first step toward improved mobility efficiencies as the region grows.”

The CRB represents the 24 municipalities of Edmonton Metropolitan Region, leading regional action toward global opportunity with a focus on growth, transportation, housing and regional services.