Sep 21, 2016
Mr. Bruce introduced research the Board has done during the recent update of its regional Growth Plan. The Board is mandated to plan for responsible growth as the Edmonton Metropolitan Region doubles in size over the next 30 years.

He highlighted the new plan’s integrated policy on Housing and Communities, which projects that population growth will create the need for 13,000 housing units every year.

“About 25 per cent of that need will be for market affordable or subsidized housing,” said Mr. Bruce. “That’s on top of a deficit of 31,000 homes in this region, right now. The Board is currently building on an assessment of subregional housing needs done this year for the first time, and looking toward the creation of a regional Housing Master Plan to guide a coordinated resolution of this situation.”

Mr. Bruce also pointed to new 2016 density targets for the region in the proposed Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan, which are substantially increased from the Board’s original 2010 plan, and will assist in providing more housing in a responsible and efficient manner over the next 30 years.

“The proposed targets are manageable, would be built-out over time, and have been vetted by the Board. Importantly they would help us save 250 quarter sections of land – or about the size of St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park and Bruderheim put together – and about $5 billion in infrastructure and operational costs. It’s a regional win-win proposition.”

The 2016 plan is scheduled to be considered by the Board at its October meeting. If approved, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan will go to the Government of Alberta for further consideration and final approval.

The CRB represents the 24 municipalities of Edmonton Metropolitan Region, leading regional action toward global opportunity with a focus on growth, transportation, housing and regional services.