Oct 27, 2016

CRB launches new website
(EDMONTON October 27, 2016) Today the Capital Region Board lanched its new website to reflect the Board's new 50 year vision for the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and to celebrate its newly updated regional Growth Plan.

It can be found at www.capitalregionboard.ab.ca 
It's a cleaner, more nimble site built to serve users reliably on any platform," says Board Chair Nolan Crouse. 
“Importantly it's a one-stop shop for all CRB materials, it's fully searchable, and it presents a picture of the diversity of the Region. We want our history, as well as the unfolding story of our increasing presence in the region, to be easily accessed and understood."

The site focuses on the Region, the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan and the Capital Region Board's activities.

It has amalgamated the former site's most popular features into two data heavy but intuitive sections: Meetings and Events, which will continue to house and update upcoming Board releated events, and Documents and Resources, essentially the library of all Board documents.

Uploading of materials prior to 2015 is still in progress and expected to be complete by the end of the year.


  • A separate section for the Growth Plan, with the ability to view and print the plan by chapter.
  • Documents and Resources section to house all CRB related documents including: legislative docs, REFs and Board policies; news and information; and Board minutes and agendas.
  • A convenient Meetings and Events section that allows you to search by meeting, identifying cancelled, new and rescheduled meetings.
The CRB represents the 24 municipalities of Edmonton Metropolitan Region, leading regional action toward global opportunity with a focus on growth, transportation, housing and regional services.
Contact:  Loreen Lennon, Media Liaison                        
Phone: (780) 868-5011
or llennon@capitalregionboard.ab.ca