Sep 29, 2016
If approved, it will be delivered as promised by October 31 to the Minister of Municipal Affairs for provincial sanction and authorization.

While there is much to say, and that will be said, about the Plan's thorough research, its adherence to the principle of regionalism where everyone can win, and its remarkable update of the current plan, which is itself a tribute to this Board's commitment to the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, I am most struck by what it will deliver in the course of just 30 years.  

In contrast to current density targets, this plan's bold vision will save the Region $5 billion dollars in land and infrastructure costs. That is the equivalent of 300 schools, or fives years worth of roads and bridges.*

It will save 160 km2 or 250 quarter sections of land. That that is the equivalent of the size of Spruce Grove, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Bruderheim today - combined!

Conceived in context of a clear 50 year vision for a thriving, sustainable and prosperous Region, these are measurable targets that make this Plan more than a collection of hopes and dreams.

It is a real plan for real results for a really great region.
*based on the 2016 Alberta Budget investment over the next five years.
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 Malcolm Bruce, MSM