Oct 26, 2016
Delivering the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan to the province October 19 was a tremendous accomplishment. In fulfilling its obligation to update its original plan for the Region's long term growth plan, the CRB displayed the mature leadership for which it was designed and destined. And hit the ball out of the park.

Now we must move forward in planning for the Plan's implementation, pending the Province's approval.

Until then, we are focused on telling the story of the new Plan's potential, and the Board's unprecedented regional collaboration in completing it, to the key stakeholders of the Region - both political and in the community. This outreach will continue until we have final approval. 

At the same time there are some elements of implementation that require preparation. The REF (Regional Evaluation Framework) is undergoing review and modification in anticipation of the new plan, but will be finalized only after plan approval.  We have begun an inquiry into the work necessary to begin an Agriculture Master Plan, so that when plan approval is granted we are ready to start.

We are also in a state of flux pending the finalization of the Modernized MGA. We have been assured that we will remain a Growth Management Board, but our mandate and membership are in play. Once those questions are answered, we will be able to move ahead confidently.  

In the interim we will move forward with preparations for Growth Plan Implementation and with ongoing projects, in particular, the EcDev incubation, and leveraging interest in housing, with the Our Affordable Future pilot protects, and the creation of a regional Housing Master Plan. 

And In this uncertainly we must make decisions on budget for 2017/18. 

It is an exciting time as we approach the realization of the full potential of the Capital Region Board - as the local and successful example of regional collaboration and vision, on behalf of a vital, modern, region that is on the cusp of its own true greatness. 

As always, I am available at 780-638-6002 or mbruce@capitalregionboard.ab.ca. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @CRBnow.

Malcolm Bruce, MSM
Chief Executive Officer
Direct: 780-638-6002|Fax: 780-638-6009
mbruce@capitalregionboard.ab.ca / www.capitalregionboard.ab.ca