Note: The 2016 Growth Plan, The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan, was delivered to the Government of Alberta for its approval on October 13, 2016. The current 2010 Growth Plan remains in effect until that provincial approval is granted.

The Growth Plan is the culmination of ongoing research, trend monitoring, consultations and feedback from our members. The Growth Plan guides the daily work of the Capital Region Board, ensuring decisions and programs are integrated to support the long term economic prosperity and quality of life for all citizens of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

The Growth Plan is updated regularly. The 2016 Growth Plan The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan: Re-Imagine. Plan. Build. is a substantive update to the 2010 Growth Plan: Growing Forward. A responsible and collaborative approach ensures that as a Region we become more competitive on the global stage; create vibrant communities; move efficiently throughout the Region and preserve our natural environment and agricultural lands for future generations.

50 year Vision for Edmonton Metropolitan Region

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region is the dominant hub for northern Alberta and is globally recognized for its economic diversity, entrepreneurialism, leadership in energy development, environmental stewardship, and excellent quality of life.

The Region is anchored by a thriving core that is interconnected with diverse urban and rural communities.

As a Region we are committed to growing collaboratively through the efficient use of infrastructure, building compact communities, and fostering economic opportunities and healthy lifestyles.

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Guiding Principles

The Vision and Growth Plan have been shaped buy seven overarching Guiding Principles.

  1. Collaborate and coordinate as a Region to manage growth responsibly. We will work together to create a Region that is well managed and financially sustainable with a shared commitment to growing responsibly and achieving long-term prosperity.
  2. Promote global economic competitiveness and regional prosperity. We will foster a diverse and innovative economy that builds upon our existing infrastructure and employment areas, and our strengths in energy development to achieve sustained economic growth and prosperity.
  3. Achieve compact growth that optimizes infrastructure investment. We will make the most efficient use of our infrastructure investments by prioritizing growth where infrastructure exists and optimizing use of new and planned infrastructure.
  4. Ensure effective regional mobility. Recognizing the link between efficient movement of people and goods and regional prosperity, we will work towards a multi-modal and integrated regional transportation system.
  5. Recognize and celebrate diversity of communities, and promote an excellent quality of life across the Region. In planning for growth, we will recognize and respond to the different contexts and scales of communities, and provide a variety of housing choice with easy access to transportation, employment, parks and open spaces, and community and cultural amenities.
  6. Wisely manage prime agricultural resources. In the context of metropolitan growth, we will ensure the wise management of agricultural resources to continue a thriving agricultural sector.
  7. Protect natural heritage systems and environmental assets. We will practice wise environmental stewardship and promote the health of the region’s biodiversity, ecosystems, watersheds, and environmentally sensitive areas.

Messages from the Board Chair and Task Force Chair

This is a significant made-in-the-Region guide for thoughtful and strategic long-term planning to enable the Edmonton Metropolitan Region to maintain its place as the strong and confident heart of a more competitive and resilient Alberta.

Message from Mayor Nolan Crouse, Chair, Capital Region Board

I am proud of our thorough review process, guided by clear principles, grounded in extensive and broad consultations, incorporating the wisdom of all interested stakeholders.

Message from Mayor Roxanne Carr, Chair, Growth Plan Update Task Force

Plan Documents

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Regional Project Manager is Sharon Shuya, 780-638-6004

Growth Plan