The Capital Region Board is a non-profit corporation consisting of an elected official from the 24 member municipalities from within the Region. The Capital Region Board was established in 2008, under Capital Region Board Regulation 38/2012 under the Municipal Government Act.

The regulation gives the CRB a mandate to do three things: Prepare a regional growth plan; Facilitate its implementation (REF); and Implement policies for cost-sharing of regional projects (currently articulated in the 2010 Growing Forward beginning on p 155)

The Board has been granted the authority under Ministerial Order L:270/10 to approve Municipal Statutory plans and ensure the compliance with the Growth Plan, in accordance with the Regional Evaluation Framework (REF)
In 2014, the newly named Governance, Priorities & Finance Committee became responsible to oversee the operations and financial performance of the Board and ensure compliance with the Board’s legislation, regulation, corporate policies and by-laws.
Approved Regional Documents
Regional Evalution Framework (REF) applications are used when municipalities submit plans for approval to ensure coordinated, strategic decision-making for economic growth, strong communities and a healthy environment across the region. More Information