Together, we make up the Capital Region Board accountable to coordinate long range growth planning for the area.  

We bolster and balance the character and strengths of each municipality while forging a regional identity and functioning as a cohesive team.

With this context, the CRB is our platform to look beyond today and beyond our municipal boundaries to ensure growth that serves us all and harmonized management that protects the region’s environment and resources, minimizes our footprint, strengthens communities, increases transportation choice and supports economic development for decades and generations to come.

We are accountable to the citizens of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and report to the Government of Alberta where we coordinate with multiple departments to effectively integrate initiatives.

Collaborating for a common goal, our collection of communities forms a complete and sustainably growing region, with something to suit every ambition.

Key tools that ensure we work effectively as a region and remain focused on appropriate priorities to promote global competitiveness and sustainability are:
  • Regional Growth Plan, updated regularly (2010, 2016)
  • Regional Evaluation Framework (REF), process for submitting and evaluating municipal development plans to protect the goals of the growth plan
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS), accessible data to support sound decision making
  • Integrated regional planning for housing, transportation, land use and infrastructure  

Growing Together

The 24 municipalities of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region are diverse, thriving communities from villages and agricultural lands to big city, and from farming and commerce to industrial areas. Together, we offer the best mix of economic opportunity and lifestyle amenities that attract the best and brightest people.

But what will the future bring? In 30 years the regional population is expected to double, and the number of jobs rise from 725,00 now to more than1.2 million. With the influx of another million people, where should we expand housing, transportation and infrastructure? How will we capitalize on the best new opportunities to keep the whole region competitive on the global stage?

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